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Recipient Couples

Depending on your age and medical history, it may have been suggested to you that your best chance of achieving a pregnancy is through a donor egg or through using donor sperm. Here at Panama Fertility, we are all about individualised care and creating a treatment plan based on your fertility history. If you decide to use either a donor egg or sperm, then we offer counselling to both recipient couples or single women and the donor to ensure all parties are comfortable with the decision moving forward.

For women who have suffered ovarian failure or for women over 40 with a low ovarian reserve, then using a donor egg from a younger woman could be your best chance at a successful pregnancy. Some women also chose this route if there is a genetic family condition that may be passed on to a child using your own eggs.

Here at Panama Fertility all our egg donors are anonymous and you get to choose from our extensive egg bank from donors who are aged between 21-31 years of age. We have donors in our egg bank from all ethnic backgrounds who have passed stringent tests to qualify as donors.

Screening of Egg Donors

All the donors in our egg bank undergo genetic testing to screen for any hereditary and genetic diseases. They also undergo a psychological examination and have sessions with our counsellor to ensure they fully understand the implications of egg donation. You as the recipient can look at photographs of the donors on our database and choose your donor based on physical appearance that closely matches your own characteristics such as eye color, skin coloring, hair color and height. You will also learn the level of education achieved by the donor and whether they have had children of their own. All of our tests comply with FDA requirements.

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Coordinating Your Cycle

Firstly, you would be evaluated to ensure your uterus is capable of carrying the baby to term. Then together with our IVF Coordinator, you would choose your donor. Then our IVF Coordinator would liaise between you and the donor to time the IVF cycle. We would also start the donor on her medication to stimulate her ovaries ready for egg retrieval.

A date would be set for the donor’s egg retrieval and at this stage we would also need your partner’s sperm to fertilize the egg. Once fertilization has occurred in our laboratory, we would then schedule the embryo transfer to you the recipient. Once the embryo transfer is complete you may return home to take a pregnancy test 14 days after embryo transfer. Together we wait for a positive result!

In terms of cost, an IVF cycle with donor eggs is $7500 (USD) plus medication costs for you, these can vary but for your budget you can allocate between $300-$500 (USD). The beauty of treatment at Panama Fertility is that with our extensive database of donors we have no waiting list and are ready to begin your treatment cycle as soon as you are!


Using Donor Sperm

If the male partner is not producing any sperm or has very poor-quality sperm then using a sperm donor may be the best option for pregnancy. Also, donor sperm is a good option for single women. The procedure for using donor sperm is a simple procedure and can be performed either through IUI or IVF depending on the female partner’s fertility history.

Again, when using donor sperm both parties undergo counseling to understand the implications. Sperm donors are screened for hereditary and infectious diseases.


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