It strikes me that, currently there are various studies and surveys that have shown cancer is affecting many men and women of reproductive age. The vast majority of patients with this diagnosis tend to worry about the effectiveness of treatment and want to start treatment as soon as possible. However, the area of ​​fertility is not usually a concern.

But what patients are unaware of and most doctors do not mention is the fact that chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, in addition to saving lives, can affect fertility and in many cases cause infertility.

Personally, I am surprised that fertility is not a topic of discussion when faced with a cancer diagnosis. What worries me the most, is that specialists do not usually mention the effects that cancer treatments can have on your reproductive system.


However, in different parts of the world, there is an increasing awareness regarding the issue. This is seen in New York, where the preservation of fertility in men and women is standard when faced with cancer treatments.

I would like to offer all patients, regardless of where they are located a Free Emergency Appointment, designed not to interrupt or postpone cancer treatments. Thanks to advances in technology, the objective of this appointment is to offer the opportunity for cancer patients to preserve their fertility. This is known as Oncofertility.

Oncofertility is the discipline that develops and provides new fertility preservation options for men, women and children who receive treatments that threaten their reproductive future, whether due to oncological diseases or other serious conditions.

As health professionals, we care deeply about this and we want to encourage oncologists to consider fertility and inform women and men diagnosed at a fertile age that there is a way to preserve their reproductive future, so that they can make a decision and have a plan B that allows them in the future to be mothers and fathers.

We actively invite people diagnosed with cancer to investigate and find out what they may have in terms of their fertility.

At Panama Fertility we want to offer an alternative for the future, with the preservation of fertility through a personalized medical strategy through the cryopreservation of eggs and sperm known as our "Preserve Program". 

If you have received a cancer diagnosis then please reach out to us to see how we can preserve your fertility after cancer treatment.