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When you decide to come to Panama Fertility for your fertility treatment, we use every advance in reproductive technology to help you to conceive.

Some patients may benefit from pre-implantation testing depending on your individual circumstances. Your Fertility Specialist will discuss the options with you during your consultation to decide if any of the following procedures could be beneficial

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

This procedure is an add on to your IVF cycle. Prior to embryo transfer, a single cell or a small number of cells are removed from the embryo. The embryo would have been created either in vitro (in glass) fertilization (IVF) or through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in our laboratory. The DNA of these cells are then screened for any chromosome defects. This greatly improves your chance of successful IVF when only embryos with no chromosomal defects are implanted.



Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

Again, this procedure is an add on to your IVF cycle. This procedure is more recently referred to as PGT-M. In this process, the embryo’s genes and or chromosomes are tested specifically looking for a genetic condition or inherited disease. Even if you do not suffer with fertility problems, this procedure needs to be performed on embryos that have been created in our laboratory through IVF or ICSI. This gives you peace of mind that any family condition will not be passed on to your child as we will only implant embryos that are free from the specific condition.


Pre-Implantation Tissue Typing (PTT)

This procedure is also known as ‘sibling savior’ or ‘savior siblings’ because it can help older brothers or sisters with serious blood disorders.

These can include beta thalassaemia, Fanconi’s anemia and Diamond Black anemia. For children suffering with any of these conditions, treatment can involve a transfusion of stem cells from a tissue matched donor. This is usually a close family relative.

In some cases, parents choose to have another child through IVF and undergo PTT in order to select an embryo that is an exact tissue match for the older sibling.


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