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How it Works

You may be slightly nervous about leaving your home country and embarking on fertility treatment with us. That is totally normal and we want to reassure you that you are making the right decision.


There are many benefits to travelling to Panama for IVF treatment:

+ Combine treatment with a relaxing vacation
+ Treatment at Panama Fertility will be with US board certified fertility specialists
+ Huge cost savings, meaning you CAN afford treatment and that much needed vacation
+ Great success rates
+ Take advantage of our Panamama 100 Club refund program
+ Cutting edge technology to improve your chances of success.

Let’s walk you through the process with our 12 steps to parenthood in Panama!

1-Mar-18-2021-01-19-16-48-PMReach out to us!

All of our experienced team are on hand to answer all of your questions no matter how big or how small. We value your inquiry. There is no obligation or commitment!

2-Mar-18-2021-01-19-16-47-PMSchedule your free telephone consultation with IVF Coordinator

 When you are ready, we can schedule a free telephone consultation with our IVF Coordinator, who will take a detailed medical history from you. From that consultation your IVF Coordinator may request certain tests that need to be performed in your home country.

3-4Schedule your free telephone consultation with Fertility Specialist

We would then schedule a free telephone consultation with one of our IVF Specialists, who will have reviewed your medical history and any test results that were requested. The IVF Specialist will discuss the treatment options available to you in a personalized treatment plan.




4-2Schedule your free telephone consultation with Financial Coordinator

We would then schedule another free consultation with our Financial Coordinator. In this consultation, we outline the cost of your personalized treatment plan and work with you on planning your budget. During this conversation we would also work out your budget for travel and give you an indication on the cost of flights and accommodation. Your financial coordinator is also responsible for all the non-medical aspects of your trip to Panama acting as a concierge and can arrange all the extra activities to ensure you have the best experience of Panama possible.

5-1Cycle preparation

Once the finances are agreed, our IVF Coordinator will then prepare you for your cycle. This includes setting the date for treatment, outlining the pre cycle tests and the pre cycle medication. This is a simple process and we hold your hand directing you on where you get your medication and how to go about the tests. We need hormonal, immunological and infectious screening blood tests for the female partner and a uterine evaluation (SIS or HSG) performed. The male partner will also need infectious screening blood tests and a semen analysis prior to the cycle.

6Start medication

Once all your tests are completed then your cycle can start. We get you on the birth control pill to down regulate your ovaries so that we can schedule travel. Your IVF Coordinator will put together a comprehensive calendar of events and be there throughout the process to answer your questions.

7Pay 50% deposit

To reserve your IVF cycle, you will now pay a 50% deposit and your IVF medications will be ordered and shipped to you.

8Start fertility injections

By now you will have been taking the birth control pill for 2-4 weeks. We will then start you on your fertility injections, again your IVF Coordinator will explain the procedure and instruct you how to administer these.

9Pack your bags, swimwear and sunscreen.

It is time to head to the airport and take the short flight to Panama City! On arrival you will be met by our driver and taken to your chosen accommodation. Once settled, our Financial Coordinator will visit you and give you your schedule for your stay. We will want to meet you in person at the clinic as soon as possible, usually the day after arrival. This is so we can give you an ultrasound and take an Estradiol blood test. From that scan and those results we can then arrange the day of your egg retrieval or your embryo transfer if you are having a donor cycle. At this stage you will also make your final 50% balance payment.




10Explore Panama

Prior to egg retrieval you will have a couple of days to explore all that Panama has to offer from our glorious stetches of white sandy beaches to tropical rain forests. We also recommend that you visit the famous Panama Canal. Our Financial Coordinator is happy to arrange transport for day trips and generally make your visit to our beautiful country as relaxing as possible. You can also take advantage of our holistic Panamama Relaxation Program. Enjoy in room massage or on the beach massage for you and your partner. This package can also include sessions with our psychologist to prepare you for your cycle and you may also benefit from advice from our nutritionist, with sessions online prior to treatment to improve your diet and get in the best physical shape ready for treatment.

11Egg Retrieval Day!

Egg retrieval is a simple and painless procedure that is carried out under light sedation. Your Fertility Specialist will use a fine catheter to draw the mature follicles from your ovary through the vaginal wall. You may experience some slight cramping after the procedure, so keep that day free to go back to your hotel and relax afterwards. The embryo transfer will be scheduled for 3-5 days later, depending on how the embryos are developing and whether or not there is any pre-implantation genetic testing required.

12Embryo Transfer Day!

Again, this is a simple and painless procedure. It is now safe for you to return to your home country as we all wait the results of your pregnancy test on day 14 after transfer day. Your IVF Coordinator will be on hand throughout this time to answer your questions. 

Okay, let's do this!

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