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Why Panama Fertility?

There are many reasons to TRUST the team at Panama Fertility! First and foremost is that we CARE about you as a person, as a wife, as a husband and potentially as parents.

We want your fertility journey to end in Panama.
Infertility is stressful.
Infertility is emotionally painful.

But above all, infertility is a medical condition and you need medical excellence to overcome your challenges. We believe that by combining relaxation and medical excellence we have the winning combination to help you create your family.


This is what makes us the perfect choice

Medical Excellence

At Panama Fertility we have been helping couples with infertility since 1986, that’s 35 years of assisted reproduction experience at your disposal. We have two Fertility Specialists, who are both US board certified. We have two Senior Embryologists; both are passionate about improving our laboratory techniques with the latest technology. We also have two IVF Coordinators who are both Medical Doctors. And finally, we have a dedicated Financial Coordinator with a degree in Financial Services to ensure you choose the right treatment package for you.

It is an honor that you put your trust in us when you are making one of the most important decisions in your life. We never forget that and YOU are at the center of everything that we do. Every decision we make as clinicians is made in consultation with you.



Infertility is complex. There are so many elements in the human body that need to be in perfect working order to achieve a pregnancy. But the reality is that none of us are perfect and not everything goes the way we want. We understand that and closely evaluate your full medical and lifestyle history to pinpoint what is going wrong and how we can fix it.

We invest heavily in our laboratory equipment and techniques to give you the best chance of success.



Blastocyst culture is standard at Panama Fertility. Research has shown that leaving the embryos until the blastocyst stage greatly improves the chances of a successful pregnancy, so that is now a standard procedure. We don’t want to leave any element of your treatment to chance. And better still we don’t charge extra!


Fertile Chip

This is a microchip sperm selection procedure. It allows us to remove sperm damaged by DNA fragmentation. We can then select healthy sperm for fertilization improving your chances of a successful pregnancy.



Oxolab C02 chamber

From the moment of egg retrieval, we transfer your precious eggs into our environmental controlled CO2 chamber. This incubator is state of the art in controlling the air temperature and air flow to create the optimum environment for egg fertilization.


Affordable treatment

We work hard to keep our treatment costs down despite IVF being an expensive procedure. We have treatment programs for all budgets and a dedicated Financial Coordinator on hand to ensure you have the right package for you.


High success

The combination of innovation in our laboratory and flexibility on treatment programs means we can achieve high success rates for our patients.



Panama as a country is beautiful tropical paradise, where you can enjoy a vacation while undergoing treatment at our clinic. Your Financial Coordinator takes all the stress out of planning your treatment by ensuring you have the correct financial package for your budget. But we also go one step further and organise all the non-medical aspects of your trip. From organising your flights, transfers, accommodation and day trips out to explore. We also encourage you to take part in our Panamama Relaxation Program that covers counselling, nutrition, massage, reflexology and acupuncture.

Research has shown that stress has an impact on successful treatment, so we do all we can to take any stress out of the equation.


Reach out to us today for your free consultation with our team.

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