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Success Rates

At Panama Fertility Clinic we are proud to have the highest success rates in fertility treatments in the region. 
Find out how we help so many families achieve the dream of motherhood.

30% Above regional average

We are proud to say that our success rates are above average. 

We have the latest technology equipment and facilities, a team of experienced fertility experts, and the latest assisted reproduction techniques  to increase the chances of success of our patients up to 98%.

Pregnancy Rates by Age

(Using own eggs)

Less than 35 years 0
35 - 37 years 0
38 - 40 years 0
41 - 42 years 0
More than 42 years 0
tratamientos asequibles-1

Tratamientos Asequibles

Trabajamos duro para mantener los costos de nuestros tratamientos bajos a pesar de que la FIV es un procedimiento costoso. Tenemos programas de tratamiento para todos los presupuestos y un coordinador financiero dedicado a su disposición para garantizar que tenga el paquete adecuado para tí.

IVF Average

First Attempt


Using own eggs


Using donor eggs

Second Attempt


Using own eggs


Using donor eggs

Third Attempt


Using own eggs


Using donor eggs

Success Stories

We have many stories to tell. Throughout the years, we have helped families to fulfill their goals and dreams of conceiving a child  with our cutting-edge assisted reproduction procedures and care. We take pride in sharing their stories and successes with other patients to inspire them to achieve their own dreams of growing their families.



El cúltivo a blastocisto es estándar en Panama Fertility. La investigación ha demostrado que dejar los embriones hasta la etapa de blastocisto mejora en gran medida las posibilidades de un embarazo exitoso, por lo que ahora es un procedimiento estándar. No queremos dejar al azar ningún elemento de tu tratamiento. ¡Y mejor aún, no cobramos extra!


Cámara Okolab CO2

Desde el momento de la extracción de los óvulos, transferimos tus preciosos óvulos a nuestra cámara de CO2 con control ambiental. Esta incubadora es de vanguardia en el control de la temperatura del aire y el flujo de aire para crear el entorno óptimo para la fertilización de óvulos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any doubts or questions about our Success Rates? Find answers to your questions in this section.

What are the success rates of fertility treatments at Panama Fertility, and how do they compare to the regional average?

At Panama Fertility, we are proud to have success rates consistently 30% above the regional average, according to REDLARA (Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction). Our experienced team of fertility specialists and state-of-the-art facilities contribute to these exceptional outcomes. We understand the importance of achieving successful pregnancies and strive to provide our patients with the best possible chances of success.

How do Panama Fertility's success rates contribute to long-term cost savings?

Our above-average success rates can lead to long-term cost savings for patients. By achieving successful pregnancies in fewer treatment cycles, patients can potentially reduce their overall expenses associated with fertility treatments. We are dedicated to maximizing your chances of success and helping you achieve your dream of starting or expanding your family.

What factors contribute to Panama Fertility's high success rates?

Several factors contribute to our high success rates. First, we have a team of highly trained physicians who have received education and certification in the United States. Additionally, our clinic has over 30 years of experience in reproductive medicine, allowing us to refine our techniques and protocols for optimal outcomes. Our personalized approach, advanced technologies, and commitment to staying at the forefront of the field also contribute to our high success rates.

Can you provide specific success rates for different fertility treatments offered at Panama Fertility?

While success rates can vary depending on individual factors, we can provide you with detailed information about success rates for specific fertility treatments during your consultation. Our team will assess your unique circumstances and provide you with realistic expectations based on our extensive experience and the data we have collected over the years.

How does Panama Fertility measure and report success rates?

At Panama Fertility, we report our success rates to REDLARA (The Latin American Network for Assisted Reproduction) and adhere to industry standards for measuring and documenting success rates. We collect data on various parameters, including live births, ongoing pregnancies, and clinical pregnancy rates, to accurately represent our success rates. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have access to reliable information when making decisions about your fertility treatment.

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