Day Excursions

Panama is rich in culture and has some truly breath-taking sights to see and enjoy.


Enjoy the Beauty of Panama

While undergoing treatment at Panama Fertility we want you to have the best experience in our clinic and your hotel, with our friendly nationals, and make the most of your time in our country. That is why we have a dedicated vacation concierge who works with you to plan your trip's non-medical aspects.

Below we have put together some ideas of things to do when you are not having treatment, just speak to our vacation concierge who will happily arrange day excursions for you and your partner.

Day excursions in Panama beach

*Prices are shown in USD and they are an average guide and are subject to change.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal

While in Panama, one trip you have to take is to visit the world-famous Panama Canal. The Miraflores Locks gives a great view of the ships passing through the canal. The first idea of the canal dates back to 1513, when the potential was first recognised. For centuries the early European colonists put many proposals forward as to how this idea could become a reality. It wasn’t until the late 19th century when technology had advanced that the project first got underway. From the Miraflores Locks you can observe the operation of the Panama Canal, one of the most spectacular engineering works ever carried out.

Tours start at $118

per person and includes transfers from your hotel, a tour guide and tickets to the Miraflores Center.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island

Monkey Island on Gatun Lake is home to four species of monkeys as well as crocodiles, toucans, sloths, iguanas and numerous exotic birds. Boat tours down the river to the island offer visitors the opportunity to observe monkeys and other wildlife.

Prices start from $198

per person.


Bayano Caves

Bayano Caves are three caves located on the south side of Lake Bayano. The first cave is the largest at around two kilometers long. The Rio Seco makes its way through the cave, allowing boats to go to the inner half where you will see the many bats who live here!

Prices start from $198

per person and includes transfers to Panama-Bayano-Panamá, lunch, and a tour guide.

Junta de Embarre

The Junta de Embarre is a custom of the Panamanian countryside that restores the value of solidarity with family, friends and neighbors who join son de la saloma to build the traditional quincha house. Recreate the Junta de Embarre and participate by stepping on the mud, cutting the pellets and smearing the house in an area specially enabled for this purpose in the Hotel Cubitá.

Of course, there is no lack of the tamborito and the traditional snacks called “picadas” for this activity! This 100% native activity will allow visitors to experience Azuerenses traditions to the fullest. 

Tours start at $143*

*per person and includes all materials, tour guide, instructors, tamborito, water, seco herrerano and traditional snacks.

Junta de Embarre

Isla Iguana Snorkel & Beach

From Playa El Arenal in Pedasí you take a boat trip to the island, which is a wildlife refuge 8 kilometers from the coast. On this tour you will go hiking, crossing the island from West to East accompanied by the guide, during this tour you will see large colonies of seabirds and iguanas alluding to the name of the island. Then you go to the beach and you will get to know the underwater world and coral reefs by snorkeling. You can enjoy relaxing on the beach as your guide provides you with a picnic-style lunch.

Prices start from $185*

*per person and includes transportation, bilingual guide, boat, tickets, water, soft beverages, picnic lunch, beach chairs, towels and beach kit.


Sea Turtle Night Tour

Starting from Puerto de Cañas, Tonosí your Captain awaits you at Puerto Cañas and takes you to the island. A cart and horse picks you up at the restaurant, accompanied by a local guide to take you to the beach. On the beach you will walk through the protected area, which is the main nesting point of the sea turtles. At approx. 10:00pm you return to the port of Isla Cañas and the captain returns you to the starting point of the tour. 

Prices start from $160*

*per person and includes tround trip on the boat, dinner in a local restaurant, cart and horse trip around the island and beach as well as the Sea Turtle Observation Tour.



Discovering the depths of the sea is just one of the ways you can make your trip to Panama even more memorable. Diving in the crystal-clear waters gives the best view of the abundant flora, fauna, and sea life that Panama has in its two oceans. The experienced guides will show you the best dive sites with all the appropriate equipment to give you an amazing experience. 

Prices for diving in the Caribbean
start at $185*

*for 2 people, the price includes transportation by boat to the dive sites, Captain, Dive Master, 2 tanks, diving equipment, lunch, and transportation to the hotel.

Additional Wetsuit $20 USD and Snorkelling Equipment $25 USD.

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